Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 10 Kirkland Signature Items

"Generic brand or name brand?" That's the question everyone always asks. There are certain things, like pharmaceuticals, where generic is the same thing as name brand b/c of FDA regulations. With food and other consumer packaged goods though, it varies. You will get different answers on different products. Having worked for a food company for the past 5 years, I can tell you that yes, it does vary, based on the product. There is some cheese powder that we make for "generic" brand of mac & cheese that is better quality than our (K)raft blue-box mac & cheese. Marketing at my company, and most CPG companies, are tasked to build the brand, so that consumers will pay more for the name more than anything.

That being said, I'm a believer in Kirkland brand products at Costco, and firmly believe the quality is the same, if not better, than their name brand counterparts. Here's a list of my favorite Kirkland items:

10. Batteries - 48 AA batteries for $9.99, compare to the Duracell, 36 for $12.89.
9. Vitarain - Like Vitamin Water, but not the price? Try the 4 flavors of Vitarain, 24 20oz bottles for $11.99.
8. 13 gal kitchen drawstring bags - very strong bags, haven't had one break yet. 200 ct box for $14.79.
7. Boneless, skinless chicken breast (co-branded w/Tyson) - 6.5 lb frozen bag for $15.99, each chicken is individually wrapped, reduces freezer burn!
6. Chocolate chunk cookies - best cookies ever. 36 oz ~24 cookies for $6.49
5. Organic Instant Oatmeal - 45 packets of five flavors (Apples & Cinnamon, Oats & Flax, Regular, Mixed Berry, Maple Syrup) - my daily breakfast, much higher quality than Quaker. 45 packets for $8.99
4. Baby wipes - Box of 704 total wipes for $15.49. We also have used Huggies brand wipes, and I would argue that Kirkland wipes are better.
3. Laundry detergent - We use the free & clear detergent and it's great! 170 fl.oz or 110 loads for $12.79. It's great if you have any allergies b/c it has no perfumes or dyes, and it's also a nice substitute for baby laundry, instead of buying Dreft!
2. Rotisserie chicken - A quick, easy, yummy dinner choice that will last you a few meals. Price has gone up to $6.49, but still a great deal. Beats Boston Market anyday.
1. Toilet Paper - I'm not a fan of Charmin, it's crumbly, for lack of a better word (TMI?) Kirkland brand wipes smooth and is much more affordable at 36 rolls/425 sheets per roll for $16.99. #1 bestseller at Costco.

Feel free to add some of your favorites!


lavendergenie said...

next we'll try their butter and vanilla extract.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could get the oatmeal in single-flavor cartons. I'm a big fan of "Oats & Flax", but no so much the other flavors.

Anonymous said...

In fact, that's my single biggest complaint about a lot of items -- they only come in variety packs, so you have to buy a lot of the flavors you don't like in order to get the ones you do like.

Jamie said...

I LOVE the Kirkland organic steel cut oatmeal. It is incredibly delicious if you mix frozen berries in after cooking--the heat thaws the berries--so healthy. My problem is that my Costco in Birmingham AL no longer has the oats. I saw in a newsletter that they were gong to be available in November--is that true? Is there any way I can order before then?

Barbara said...

Costco/Kirkland may not continue carrying the instant oatmeal. Please go and leave a customer comment card about how great it is and how much you would like them to continue carrying it.

Costco Fan said...

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